Physical and Mental Health Struggles after Pregnancy

Let’s talk about Body and Mental-health struggles after pregnancy real quick.

I’m going to be raw here, I HATED taking pictures for a very long time.

That pregnancy glow was gone.

The beautiful thick pregnancy hair turned into postpartum hair loss.( I’m talking clumps of hair just falling out!)

My body was healing from trauma that I experienced during labor and delivery, and it took longer than I imagined.

I overall felt like I looked like a completely different person. I felt like I looked like I had put on 500+lbs. I remember looking at photos like this one and CRYING because I felt so UGLY.

As I scrolled through my camera roll deleting memes that were taking up space, I stumbled across pictures that I remember in the moment feeling like I hated myself and how I looked. No matter how much my partner told me I looked good, my mind wouldn’t allow myself to believe it.

Looking at them now I absolutely love them, and I regret not taking more. And I honestly can’t believe how badly I thought about myself. It really makes me sad that I felt that way. Proof that those hormones really mess with you.

The journey of pregnancy, birth, and motherhood takes quite the toll on your mental and physical health. Something that not a lot of people talk about and truly, I feel like it’s because there aren’t enough right words to describe it.

But if I could tell any new moms some key pieces of advice it would be:

1. Take the pictures, all of them. Even when you don’t feel like you look glamours. (And to the partners, take pictures of her! This is so crucial!)

2. Be gentle with yourself, communicate and coordinate with your partner designated self care days so that you allow yourself to reset. Trust me, you need it. And don’t feel guilty about it either! (You can’t pour from an empty cup)

3. LOVE yourself, let go of social expectations that put so much pressure on women to “bounce back” after pregnancy. Remember to eat good foods, drink lots of water, and do things each day that make you feel GOOD!

4. And lastly, don’t be afraid to ask for help. I hate to break it to you, but you’re not superwomen (ok maybe your are, you gave birth for crying out loud lol ) but asking for help does not make you a bad mom!

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