Refreshing summer smoothie recipe

I don’t know about you, but I can only have a smoothie in the summer months, when I really need a nice filling and refreshing treat.

Today I’m going to share with you the EASIEST smoothie recipe that even your kids will love.

As an added bonus, you can include a scoop of probiotics, greens, or any kid-friendly protein/veggie powders for your pickiest kids.

If your kiddos aren’t a fan of smoothies, we love to use this recipe with extra frozen bananas to make an “ice cream” consistency or pour into popsicle moulds to make homemade popsicles!


1 1/2 extra ripe bananas (the more ripe the better, it makes it super sweet!)

A handful of frozen mixed berries

Milk of your choose

Chocolate greens (we used our favorite from Sprigs Life)

Pour all into the blender and blend up some tasty summer goodness!

For the pops:

Pour the smoothie into popsicle moulds and freeze over night for a delicious and healthy homemade popsicle!

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Fun + Easy Valentine’s Day breakfast you can make with your toddlers

Easy + fun Valentine’s Day breakfast you can make with your toddlers

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Hey friends! If you follow me on Instagram, you may have seen that we had a rough week last week. Now, to be honest, we don’t really celebrate most holidays other than Christmas and thanksgiving, it’s a special time for our family to get together since we’re pretty scattered. However, I really wanted to do something extra special for Olivia. With her dad being gone working out of town, I really wanted to shower her with love! Not to mention she LOVES helping in the kitchen. So, without further ado, let’s get to making a fun, easy, and healthy Valentine’s Day breakfast!

What you’ll need:

pancake mix

• Metal Heart shaped cookie cutters

• Strawberries

Maple syrup

• Chocolate chips


Feel free to customize this and add/remove things to your liking!

Making heartshaped pancakes

• Make pancake batter according to the instructions on your bag/box. (We added chocolate chips to our batter but you can omit this step, or even add something else)

• Add a little bit of butter to your warmed pan

• Place cookie cutter on the pan and immediately pour in some batter

• Let the cookie cutter sit just for a few seconds and then gently remove

T I P: make sure you only pour a thin layer of batter. I poured a super thick layer and when I removed the cookie cutter it all came out and made a huge mess. Wait a bit before turning the pancake over so that it doesn’t lose its shape.

Making heart shaped strawberries

• use a pairing knife to cut a V-shape at the stem.

• Remove the stem and the strawberry on the cutting board v-shape down.

• If you have a thick strawberry you can slice it into multiple thin flat pieces, or you can just slice them in half.

• That’s it!

Bonus: for my breakfast I made heart shaped eggs.

• butter the pan

• Place the cookie cutter on the pan

• Immediately crack the egg in

• Wait just a few seconds and gently remove the cookie cutter

• Season + cover the egg until cooked to your liking.


To get extra fancy you can assemble all of this on a charcuterie board and serve family style! I hope you enjoy!

Do you do anything special for tour family on Valentine’s Day? Share with us in the comments. 💗

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How to make Picadillo : The Easy Way

Ok ok, listen, I have to be honest with you. This is a super easy take on a traditional picadillo recipe. However, it’s not 100% authentic. I’m all about working smarter not harder, especially as a busy mom and on days I’m on the go. So while I won’t be roasting chiles and making my own concoction of spices in a molcajete in this recipe, I can promise you this is a dish you’ll enjoy!

I LOVE winter season, I live in SE Texas tho so eating warm cozy comfort food isn’t always fun. Especially in 100 °F weather. I LIVE for the whole two weeks of winter we get here, and one of my favorite dishes I love making to warm us up, is picadillo.

Picadillo a is a dish consisting of ground meat, chopped veggies, smothered in a tasty tomato sauce that is typically served over Mexican rice. I love making this because not only is it easy, its also inexpensive, and you can bulk it up with tons of veggies to feed plenty of people. Today, I’m going to be showing you how to make it the easy way!

What you’ll need:

• 1 lb ground beef

• 1 small onion

• 1 tsp minced garlic

• 1 large carrot

• 1 bell pepper (or any green vegetable you want, peas, green beans, etc)

• 2 small potatoes

• a handful of cilantro

• 2 tblsp of knorr chicken bouillon

• 12 oz can of V8 vegetable juice OR can of tomato sauce ( Using V8 juice is a great way to sneak in veggies if you have picky eaters!

•Salt and pepper to taste

optional: Chiles in adobo sauce

pic: Canva


  1. Prep all of your veggies. Wash, dry, peel, and chop! Set them to the side.
  2. In some oil saute the onion and garlic until fragrant and translucent, add in your ground meat and season to taste.
  3. Once meat is nearly done, add in your veggies and continue to cook for a few minutes.
  4. Pour in your tomato sauce ( or V8 juice ) , 1/4 cup of water , your knorr, and bring to a boil then reduce heat to a simmer and cover.
  5. Once vegetables are fork tender and and all of the flavors have cooked well together you can serve over mexican rice, make picadillo filled quesadillas, or even burritos!
  6. Garnish with Queso Fresco and cilantro and ENJOY!

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Arroz Con Leche Recipe

Hello, my sweet friends! I am so excited for today’s blog post, I’m going to be sharing my all time favorite holiday dessert: Arroz con Leche.

Growing up Arroz con leche was the thing I looked forward to the most during the holidays. It’s a delicious rice pudding that can be eaten warm or cold, my mom used to freeze the left overs into Arroz con leche paletas (ice pops). Which were AMAZING!

I called my mom one evening and asked if she could share her recipe with me. In typical Latina fashion, there was none. Hahahaha, we always joke that we cook from the heart and measure with love, not measuring spoons.

However, after some experimenting in the kitchen I was able to put together a recipe to share with you all, I think you’re going to love it!

What you’ll need:

1. 1 Cup of rice (I just use whatever white rice we have on hand)

2. 2.5 cups of water

3. 3-4 cinnamon sticks (you can use less if you’re not a fan of cinnamon)

4. 1 14oz can of Sweetened condensed milk

5. 1 12oz can of Evaporated milk

6. 1 cup of milk of your choice (I prefer cows milk for this recipe)

7. Powdered cinnamon

8. A splash of vanilla


• Add rice, water, and cinnamon sticks to a large pot and bring to a boil. Once it’s come to a rolling boil, bring down to a simmer and allow the rice to get just about almost fully cooked. (About 15-18 minutes, Stir consistently)

• Once rice is just about fully cooked carefully remove the cinnamon sticks and add all three of your milks. Slowly pouring one at a time while continuously stirring.

• Once milks and rice have been incorporated well, add a splash of vanilla. (Remember, keep stirring)

• Bring your pot back to a boil for just a few minutes and then reduce back to a low heat.

• Cook for about 25 minutes, don’t forget to keep stirring. The milks can burn easily.

• And that’s it! Pour into a bowl or a cup and sprinkle some cinnamon on top.

I hope you enjoy this recipe! If you make it, make sure to share and tag me on instagram. I’d love to see what you all come up with and how you all love it. Enjoy!

Feel free to save this photo, pin, screenshot, or print!

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