Top 10 Stocking stuffers for the essential oil lover in your life!

Know someone who is IN LOVE with essential oils? Struggling to find useful yet also beautiful ideas to fill their stocking? Well, you’ve come to the right place!

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pic: Stickandthread on Etsy
  1. Macrame Rainbow Diffuser. Macrames are all the rage right now, your EO loving person is sure to love these. Drop some of your favorite essential oils and hang them in your car. Perfect non-toxic car scent freshener.
pic: Young Living Essential Oil

2. Essential Oil Roll-Ons. Roll-On oils are always a good idea. Compact, portable, and easy to apply. They’re great especially for those unexpected times when you might need an oil.

pic: Honeyhivefive on Etsy

3. A fun Oil Reppin’ Key Chain. Ok, but how cute are these?! You absolutely cannot go wrong with this super cute key-chain, and so many options to chose from!

pic: Young Living Essential Oils

4. Bath Bombs. Bath bombs infused with aromatherapy? Yes,PLEASE! AND it comes in a pack of three, need I say more?

pic: Mackandmae on Etsy

5. A Super cute Oil bag. Ok,I want to grab like 6 of these for myself! BRB going to show this list to my husband.

pic: Young Living

6. Lipbalm. No good stocking is complete without a good Lip balm! It may seem so simple, but a good lip balm is definitely an essential!

Pic: Elevatedwooddesign on Etsy

7. Essential Oil Organizer. These beautiful geocube essential oil organizers are perfect for housing all of your essential oil lovers bottles!

pic: Young Living

8. Hand Sanitizer. Another stocking stuffer staple! Whew that was a tongue twister. Seriously, ditch those toxic hand sanitizers and swap it out for this awesome non-tox heavenly smelling hand sanitizer. Rona, who? We don’t know her.

pic: EkumboMinistries on Etsy

9. Tassle Diffusers. Not only are these wood and wool tassle diffusers absolutely stunning, when you purchase these you are also supporting a GREAT cause.

pic: Lemonsweetjewelry on Etsy

10. Diffuser Bracelet. There is just something so relaxing about wearing your favorite oils. This diffuser bracelet is sure to blow your essential oil loving person away. Not to mention its absolutely stunning!

And there you have it 10 Stocking Stuffer Ideas for the essential oil lover in your life.

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