Prime Day deals for homeschoolers + teachers

Homeschool season is upon us again! It’s that time when we start to purge + organize our homeschool spaces, stock back up on school supplies, and gather our curriculum. Luckily, it’s also around the time Prime day deals happen! I’ve gathered a list of prime day deals for items you may need and will LOVE for your homeschool/teaching needs.

First, if you don’t have an amazon prime account, you can use this link to get a FREE 30 day trial that you can cancel anytime.

To shop: click on the photos or links to take you directly to your Amazon app! Let’s get on into the good stuff!!


A Binding Machine!! Perfect for putting together curriculum at home! Save 14%
A HUGE pack of glue sticks perfect for ALL of the crafts! Save 67% on this pack for prime day!
Giant pack of construction paper! Perfect for crafts and school projects, plus it’s sorted by color! 🙌🏼 save 38% for prime day
Dot markers + activity book! One of our faves! Save 28% for prime day
Crayola class pack of colored pencils! We got this pack in the crayon and marker set in 2020 and it’s STILL going strong. Save 36%
A must have for every homeschool family! Save 40% on this 200 pack of thermal laminating pouches.


If you don’t already have a school cart then what are ya waiting for? Save 35% on this 3 tier rolling cart!
Plan your day with this homeschool planner! It’s one of my favorite’s because it’s straight to the point. No extra fluff. Save 12% this Prime day
Construction Paper/ paper organizer! Save 15% on Prime day
Mesh storage bags! Perfect for storing and organizing your homeschool manipulatives, supplies, and board game pieces!


Save 43% on these wooden pattern blocks!
Counting bears activity set! A classic! Save 20% this prime day
Save nearly 40% on these math link cubes!
-34% for this BIG money learning set!
-22% for this teaching time activity set!
Picasso tiles! Need I say more? -26% this Prime day!
Save big on this Place value flip book!
Playdoh, a staple in our homeschool! Save -14% for prime day!

Puzzles & Games

Saves 51% on this Dr.Eureka game!
Save 44% on this awesome Map Puzzle!
You can do so much with this Letters Kit! Save 31% PLUS $2off coupon!
Bingo sight word game! Only $8!
Sight word fly swatting game.Only $12!

Tech & electronics:

OSMO starter kit! If you’ve never heard on an OSMO definitely check it out! -20% for prime day!
Save 51% on this Osmo coding starter kit!
Amazon fire tablet only $49 for prime day!!
Earbuds save 15%


Only $4! What a steal for this Learn To write workbook!
Pre-K brain quest workbook! Only $5!
Kindergarten brain quest workbook! Only $5, save -55% for prime day!
Only $8 for this phonics story book!
Sight word story book save 31% for prime day!
Only $9 for this Learn to read activity book!

That’s it, you’ve made it to the end of my list! Make sure to share this with a friend who might like it,too!

Disclaimer: prime day deals and early prime day deals are subject to change. These are current discounts valid at the time this blog is posted. Links are commissionable links, which mean I may earn a small commission- at no extra cost to you- when you shop these links, thank you!

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