Fun + Easy Valentine’s Day breakfast you can make with your toddlers

Easy + fun Valentine’s Day breakfast you can make with your toddlers

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Hey friends! If you follow me on Instagram, you may have seen that we had a rough week last week. Now, to be honest, we don’t really celebrate most holidays other than Christmas and thanksgiving, it’s a special time for our family to get together since we’re pretty scattered. However, I really wanted to do something extra special for Olivia. With her dad being gone working out of town, I really wanted to shower her with love! Not to mention she LOVES helping in the kitchen. So, without further ado, let’s get to making a fun, easy, and healthy Valentine’s Day breakfast!

What you’ll need:

pancake mix

• Metal Heart shaped cookie cutters

• Strawberries

Maple syrup

• Chocolate chips


Feel free to customize this and add/remove things to your liking!

Making heartshaped pancakes

• Make pancake batter according to the instructions on your bag/box. (We added chocolate chips to our batter but you can omit this step, or even add something else)

• Add a little bit of butter to your warmed pan

• Place cookie cutter on the pan and immediately pour in some batter

• Let the cookie cutter sit just for a few seconds and then gently remove

T I P: make sure you only pour a thin layer of batter. I poured a super thick layer and when I removed the cookie cutter it all came out and made a huge mess. Wait a bit before turning the pancake over so that it doesn’t lose its shape.

Making heart shaped strawberries

• use a pairing knife to cut a V-shape at the stem.

• Remove the stem and the strawberry on the cutting board v-shape down.

• If you have a thick strawberry you can slice it into multiple thin flat pieces, or you can just slice them in half.

• That’s it!

Bonus: for my breakfast I made heart shaped eggs.

• butter the pan

• Place the cookie cutter on the pan

• Immediately crack the egg in

• Wait just a few seconds and gently remove the cookie cutter

• Season + cover the egg until cooked to your liking.


To get extra fancy you can assemble all of this on a charcuterie board and serve family style! I hope you enjoy!

Do you do anything special for tour family on Valentine’s Day? Share with us in the comments. 💗

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