8 steps for starting your blog in 2021

Since starting my blog and social media platforms I’ve gotten a few questions about how to begin. The main thing for me was to just GO FOR IT, get over whatever is holding you back. For me, it was other people’s opinion of me. HOW SILLY IS THAT! I was letting strangers and imaginary scenarios get in the way of pursuing a passion of mine. In this blog post i’m going to breakdown a few steps that helped me get my blog going.


There is no special requirement to start your presence online. You don’t need some sort of fancy degree or any experience. I was previously a Published Make-up artist turned stay-at-home mom. I had no idea how to even start a blog but the thing was, I was totally over thinking it. And once I realized how to do it, my next hurdle was getting over the fear.

STEP 2. Establish your audience.

Think about who you are serving and what are you offering them? A key point to turning your blog into a successful blog is to offer a solution. Who do you want your blog to be for? The novice cook who is looking for guidance in the kitchen? The new mom who has no idea where to even begin? The new teacher who needs help with organizing their classroom? Whatever that topic may be, how can you share it to help solve a problem or to be an encouragement?

STEP 3. Establish your BRAND.

What is a brand? Basically, a brand represents who you/your blog are. It helps readers and visitors identify and recognize your images and blog posts because you remained consistent with colors, fonts, and formats. It can go as deep as to how you capture photos, how you film your videos, and key phrases you use. But for the beginner, starting with establishing your fonts and brand colors is a good starting point

STEP 4. Create your website!

Ok so, you’ve built yourself up. You’re feeling confident and ready! You’ve decided who your audience will be and what you will be sharing. You’ve chosen your brand colors and fonts. Now, its time to officially start your blog! If you have the ability to invest, you can start off self hosting on sites like Blue-Host. For me, I was pretty broke so I went with a free page on WordPress. You can eventually transfer your word press website to a self hosted site, which will help you with getting paid content in the future. I chose to upgrade to a premium WordPress plan after a few months because I decided that I could really make this work. And so far, its been working! WordPress has TONS of free layouts that you can use, you can even change the fonts and colors to go with your brand. If you decided to go premium like I did, make sure the layout you’re using is compatible with Word Ads ( Which is the plug-in on your site that puts out ads and you get paid for allowing those ads to be on your page). Mine wasn’t, and even tho it was only a few dollars i missed out on, those months just to happened to be my high traffic months. But that’s ok, we learn as we go!

STEP 5. Create a business Pinterest.

Pinterest is a huge SEO powertool that will help send traffic to your blog. Using your brand tools you can create pinterest pins on Canva ( for free) to pin to your pinterest with the links to your blog. You can pin as many times as you want and to as many boards as you want. But, it is important (or at least i think it is imporant) to have a clean and organized pinterest page. You dont have to pin just your own pins ; pin and create boards of other things that you genuinely like to your pinterest page. More traffic to your page equals more exposure of your own pins which will lead them to your website.

STEP 6. Start Writing!

Start writing your blog posts! I made a list of just a handful of blog topics in my niche that I wanted to write. I only started with a few so I wouldn’t’ get overwhelmed. I found that posting consistently once a week really helped drive traffic to my blog. You can choose whatever day or time works best for you, and stick to those days so readers can expect when to see a new post from you.


I created a Facebook page, an Instagram, a YouTube channel, And a Pinterest so I had several different platforms to help share and promote my new blog posts. I also share my links to my personal Facebook page and that really helps! I used to be scared to share, and for the first few months I didn’t. But once I stepped out of that bubble and started promoting my posts, my views tripled! So don’t be afraid to spread the word!

STEP 8. Take it serious.

I knew that if i wanted this to work and be taken seriously then i’d have to take it serious myself. So, I created dedicated times to work on my blog whether it be writing, planning, editing, shooting,etc. Even tho I’m not rolling in money from my blog, i still take it serious and work hard on it. I feel that has really made a huge positive impact on my blog’s growth!

And that’s it! I hope you’ve enjoyed this blog and found it helpful. Remember to be yourself and most importantly have fun!

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