Reflecting on our “No”

Parents, Do you know the reasons behind your “No”?

I’m a firm believer in conscience parenting. Does that mean I’m perfect? No. It just means I strive to be aware of my parenting and how it effects both my child and myself, emotionally and mentally.

My main goal is to raise well rounded children who feel heard, seen, valued, and loved. To raise children who don’t feel like an after-thought or like an inconvenience. To be present and engaged in their day to day lives and to foster that love and appreciation of a strong and healthy family dynamic.

However, I’m human. I’m flawed and sometimes I chose convenience over patience. I find myself saying “no” to things that are virtually harmless.

For example: Olivia almost always asks to play in the rain. Usually I say no, we live in Texas and “light rain” isn’t always a thing here. It’s almost always accompanied by tornadoes, lighting, and thunder. But not only that, I hate getting wet. Soggy clothes, wet shoes, and sticky socks. Eek I don’t like it.

Today, we had a nice little rain going on. Once again, that question of “can we please play in the rain” came up.

I was hesitant. We were at family’s house, I brought no extra clothes, no extra socks, no extra shoes (rookie move, mom).I knew we’d more than likely end up going home soaking wet.

And in that moment I realized the reason for my “No” was stupid. Yeah, I’m just going to say it. IT WAS DUMB.

So I said Yes!

After filming her initial reaction we literally ran around the back yard in the pouring rain and I cannot tell you the last time I had that much fun.

So the next time you feel a “no” coming on, reflect and consider a yes. Don’t miss out on the special moments and the memories that you’ll look back and cherish. ❤️

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