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I shared a MASSIVE Home School Supplies Haul. Today I’m going to be talking about some of those items, and sharing some of my TOP essentials to have in every HomeSchool Classroom!

Disclaimer – Some of the links provided may be affiliate links. Which means I may earn a small commission when you shop through the affiliate links, at no extra cost to you. Thank you!

Now, you absolutely do not HAVE to have these items in your homeschool , and some of you actually may already own them.

These suggestions, I feel, make the homeschooling journey more fun ; and while they may be an investment upfront, they sure do end up paying for themselves.

For our first year of Homeschool we decided to try our best to put together a free or ,very inexpensive curriculum, which consists of mostly DIY’s and Printables we got from Teachers Pay Teachers. Because of that we felt comfortable making some of these bigger purchases. Its also good to note that we follow a pretty strict budget system, we put together a Sinking Fund for our Homeschooling Purchases.

Ok , now that we got that out of the way, lets move on to the fun stuff!


Whether you’re using a boxed curriculum for Homeschool, or a print-it-yourself diy type of curriculum, a Printer will definitely come in handy. You can create or purchase supplemental resources to add to your Homeschool curriculum. A benefit of having a printer is that many come with copiers and scanners. Which can allow you to save money by making extra copies of work for your entire class. OR even copying some resources to save for the younger kiddos as they grow older. We got this printer, the initial price is jaw dropping, But you save HUNDREDS on the ink alone. I’ve heard many testimonies from veteran Homeschooling parents who say they’ve printed 3,000 pages and have barely made a dent in the ink. OR you can purchase this one, and sign up for HP insta-ink, which I’ve also heard is super affordable.

You may find yourself printing more than you originally thought. And if you’re a stationary nerd like myself, you may know that there is a significant difference in the types of paper on the market. My favorite paper for our Homeschool is 92 or 98 brightness, I find anything less than 92 makes the paper almost see through. Here is the paper we usually purchase.

Que the Angel chorus! Ya’ll. I cannot tell you how much I LOVE my laminator. Its fairly inexpensive, and with the Homeschooling route we’re taking it will definitely pay itself off. We’ve opted for an Interactive Learning Folder for the Core of our Homeschool Curriculum. Which entails many Wipe-clean sheets, Puzzles, Matching, Sorting, and more. Laminating helps you keep your pages lasting longer, and allows you to re-use them many times. This is the laminator we got for our Homeschool Classroom. You’ll also need these pouches for your laminator.

3) Pens & Pencils.
I dont know about you,but I’m ALWAYS losing pencils and pens. And no homeschool classroom is complete without writing utensils! These items are fairly inexpensive and they’re often used daily. Depending on the age of your Homeschool kiddos you may enjoy different types of pencils. We purchased these chubby pencils for our pre-schooler, but I’ve always loved these original Ticonderoga pencils. If you have older homeshchoolers, they may enjoy mechanical pencils better. Just make sure you have plenty of lead refill on hand. For our current homeschool we will not be using pens quite yet, but some of my favorite pens are the RSVP, INKJOY, and Frixon pens.

4) Crayons, Markers, and Colored Pencils.
Your homeschoolers will never out-grow these. I remember using items like these even in college. Whether it be coloring a map, studying Color Theory, taking an Art Class, or simply using them to organize their notes. Crayons, Markers, And Colored pencils are a must have for every homeschool classroom.

5) Binders, Dividors, And Sheet Protectors.
Whether it be for organization, setting up your lessons for the week, or for your homeschool kiddo’s work. Binders, Dividers, and sheet protectors are great items to have in every homeschool. They’re easy to set up and take with you on any days where you’ll be doing homeschool on the go!

These are just a few of our favorite Homeschool Classroom Essentials! Curious about some of our other top homeschool classroom supplies? Check out this video!

Do you have any other homeshool supplies that are a must have for your homeschool classroom? Share them down below!

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